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AR1678 Sunspot- 5x width of Earth


This rapidly growing sunspot only starting forming less than a day ago and it is already 5 times the size of planet Earth. X-class flares? Also, Check out this coronal hole!

…Sunspots are islands of magnetism that float on the surface of the sun. This one is emerging from depth and changing at such a rapid pace that its magnetic field is likely unstable. A reconnection event in AR1678’s magnetic canopy could lead to a significant solar flare. Stay tuned!


Meteor Damage in Russia!!


Check out this website to see footage of the “unrelated” meteor that caused havoc in Russia. February 15th hours before the meteor event 2012 DA14 we’ve all be anticipating!

2012 DA14 Asteroid Approaching Earth!!!


Asteroid 2012 DA14 will approach within 17,200 miles of Earth when it zooms by during its close encounter this Friday, Feb. 15. That is the closest an asteroid the size of 2012 DA14, which is about 150 feet wide, that astronomers have known about in advance, NASA scientists said.

The asteroid will not only pass between Earth and the moon’s orbit, but also fly lower than the ring of geosynchronous communications, weather and navigationsatellites that fly high above the planet. Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be 5,000 miles closer to Earth than those satellites during the flyby.

No IMPACT is expected. Well, I sure hope so! My biggest fear is a meteor impact causing mile high waves from the ocean.




When I noticed this alert last night, flags were raised in my mind. I rarely see earth quakes in Korea and I became suspicious. When I woke up this morning to find out the news that North Korea conducted a miniature nuclear bomb test underground that caused this 5.1 earthquake, I was shocked my suspicions were accurate. Wow! Bomb causing earthquake! CRAZY!

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