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Stardust! Lawrence Krauss…



CME AR1745

Check out these great images of a CME blast from a solar radiation storm- spot AR1745. Massive burst- M5 class- yet, not earthbound!





Solar Actvity- X Class Flares

20130514-105956.jpgThe sun is currently undergoing “solar maximum” — a period of peak activity in its 11 year solar cycle. So far, solar max has been mediocre at best, but as this explosive trio has just shown us, don’t count the sun out quite yet — we could be in for a period of rather inclement space weather courtesy of AR 1748.

Stay tuned! Space weather…!!!

TONIGHT- Halley’s Comet Meteor Shower! –*

Halley’s Comet “Meteor Shower” to peak tonight at 9pm— !! 30-40 meteors per hour. 🙂

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is one of two “shooting stars” displays created by dusty debris from Halley’s Comet, which orbits the sun once every 76 years. The comet was last visible from Earth in 1986, but it has left trails of dust across the solar system that, as the Earth passes through them, create the Eta Aquarid meteor shower in early May and the Orionid meteor shower in mid-October.

The next time Halley’s Comet will swing near Earth will be in 2061.

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