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Italy earthquake!


M4.9 – 2km E of Casola in Lunigiana, Italy
2013-06-30 14:40:09 UTC

A 6.3 mile deep earthquake hit northern Italy. This area seems to be very active and I’d say there is more to come, but I’m not a scientist- just an observer.


Fracking Earthquakes…


Drilling causing earthquakes…. Fracking frack.

Deep Impact! Comet ISON… Heading towards earth

No date is set- November 2013- January 2014 – mini solar system is coming into ours- behind it is COMET ISON- heading in from the Southern Hemisphere.

Hurricane Andrea!

First tropical storm of the season, hurricane “ANDREA”. Are we ready?

Here’s a look at the projected path…


Asteroid 1998 QE2 drive by!


Asteroid 1998 QE2 flew by earth yesterday at 3.6 million miles away at 4:59pm (about 15 times farther than our moon)- This asteroid is about 1.7 miles in diameter. 1998 QE2 is among the largest asteroids with orbits that can pass near Earth. It also has it’s own orbiting moon!

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