Earthquake hits New Jersey 2.7

I had the best birthday gift Mother Nature could ever give! Haha, a 2.7 earthquake here in my home state of New Jersey about 8 miles north of me. It hit around 3:40am and I felt the wave of energy pass right through the building. Coolest sensation ever! It definitely scared me and I immediately thought it was an earthquake but my phone app didn’t register it fast enough. So I went back to sleep… This morning I had the pleasant confirmation it was an earthquake! I think because the earth quake was only 2.1 miles deep and 8.7 miles away from where I live is the reason I felt it so strongly. I’m not sure this old house I live in can handle a bigger quake. Yikes! Hopefully this is a one time gift! 😉



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  1. Ok, now that is has been a couple days since the high of excitement I had from this quake, I am realizing this might be a warning earthquake. Due to Fracking and increased earth activity from other sources, we all need to be aware and prepared. The North American craton is in danger. The pressure from the west is displacing the craton. The earth is moving. Pressures are transferring from the west pacific. A lot of activity is happening near dormant volcanoes. Very interesting. I won’t be surprised about future earthquakes in the east coast area where I live anymore.

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