From D to I. It’s been an interesting 2017 hurrrican season. Onto the 9th storm, but don’t forget Jose and Katie (11 storms classified). 3 storms brewing and fermenting.  I am keeping an eye 👁 on them! 

IRAM being the focus- 🌪🌊⛈ 914 milabars, winds 150-160 knots at the surface of the eye wall. Category 5, the strongest storm ever formed in this part of the Atlantic. Ocean is warm-87-88 F… yikes! The eye alone is approximately 15 miles across, stadium affect, double eyewall is forming which will help to weaken the storm, but once the eyewall is replaced it will become stronger than before. It’s a cycle that has occurred 3-4 times already in the past days. Crazy!!! 🙏🏼🤞🏽🌪 check out these below. @hurricanepro




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