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Respect the Ants 



Pyramids, celestial beings, outer space, electromagnetism, bulge, black hole, Orion arm, solar system, sun, stars, nebulae, energy, Milky Way, Galaxy, planets, dimensions, black matter, math, spirals, size, time, creation, humans, race, war… 

Pyramids, celestial beings, outer space, electromagnetism, bulge, black hole, Orion arm, solar system, sun, stars, nebulae, energy, Milky Way, Galaxy, planets, dimensions, black matter, math, spirals, size, time, creation, humans, race, war…  Venus 😍 

There’s a Beginning and an End, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER

There’s a beginning, and an end to everything. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Although, I would beg to differ, as all energy transforms, reintegrates and creates anew. Changing from one source to another.

Comet ISON changed from its icy, mineral, gaseous self to debris, dust, and the like, but who really knows of its true beginnings! I can’t say I’m disappointed for its death-rebirth-transformation. I know a lot of scientist are unhappy it did not survive, but I know they are truly pleased with the presence it made and data they were able to collect… I am happy our Sun, the center of our solar system and really the center of our world of creation, is so powerful in its mass/gravitational influence, that it pulled ISON from outer depths of the galaxy to visit us, yet destroy it from its unpredictable path in our small intimate system we live. I am happy we have such a powerful center force to protect us! How cool was it that ISON came to visit, I do hope it didn’t lead the way for others, and if so, I hope our sun is up for more destruction techniques!

Comets are so fascinating and so frightening all at the same time! What would earth be without them?! They do say it’s possible comets were the icy mineral substances that delivered water to earth to begin with!

We are all one, all from the same source of total creation! Endless space and possibilities.


Comet Ison

I am keeping an eye on Ison. Looking forward to watching it LIVE tomorrow, November 27th, 2013 as it has it’s closest approach to the sun!!!

Check out space

SLIGHT CHANCE OF FLARES: The Earthside of the sun is quiet. NOAA forecasters estimate a slim 1% chance of either M- or X-class solar flares on Nov. 27th. However, there is at least one active region on the farside of the sun which could target Comet ISON when it swings around the farside after Nov. 28th.

COMET ISON, SO FAR SO GOOD: Comet ISON is hurtling toward the sun today at 240,000 mph and, despite the rising heat, the comet appears to be intact. Yesterday, reports of fading spectral lines from the comet’s core raised concerns that the icy nucleus might be disintegrating. Current images from NASA and ESA spacecraft, however, show the comet still going strong. Comet ISON has just entered the field of view of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):



X-Class Solar Flares- Sunspot AR1875

Since October 25th, 2013 we have had 3 X-class solar flares. X-class is the highest rated class of flares. Solar activity is high. Because these flares were facing the earth, CME’s will deliver powerful energy to our planet’s magnetic field creating polar geomagnetic storms. These will be seen from October 28-31st. Keep an eye out for more x-class flares from sunspots AR1875, AR1877, and AR1882.



Pakistan 7.7, Peru 7.0 EARTHQUAKES

2 major earthquakes struck yesterday. The 7.7 quake was so powerful in Pakistan that a new island arose off the coast!





Earth News

The past might always repeat itself, like in concept of cycles. Is the past forgotten that we can never really move forward? Does that memory get lost? Or do we all really know its just easy to stick with “old habits”? Energy doesn’t die, it transforms. The old energy exists today- the vibes and waves are still flowing from “the beginning” (of this cycle of creation) the endless creation and recreation of elements, gas, stars, galaxies, and black space….etc. How many cycles has there been- maybe we’re 55th- maybe 55,555,555???? Or maybe this is the first and the last?

How many types of life lived here on earth? We aren’t the first, from what we know- we had dinosaurs roaming the earth millions of years ago. The earth is 4.54 Billion years old! Are we descendants of an ancient alien race? Where did we come from? Who is the bookkeeper?

We need to wake up and realize we are spinning on a sphere of solid and liquid rock! The inner layers of our earth are as hot as the surface of the sun! Without the liquid outer core we wouldn’t have a magnetic field to protect our atmosphere and hence not be able to support life on earth.



Here is more data about your home:

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and the densest and fifth-largest of the eight planets in the Solar System. It is also the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets. It is sometimes referred to as the world or the Blue Planet.

Age: 4.54 billion years

Radius: 3,959 miles (6,371 km)

Distance from Sun: 92,960,000 miles (149,600,000 km)

Mass: 5.972E24 kg

Surface area: 196.9 million sq miles (510.1 million km²)

Population: 6.974 billion (2011) World Bank

Walking on Air

“Walking on Air” Check out the amazing Auroras seeping through our atmosphere!

Shuttle arrives


Space shuttle Discovery departed NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the last time with an early-morning takeoff atop NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA). Very Cool!

Auroras in the USA



From the coronal hole I wrote about earlier this week, here is a picture of the effects it created. “Northern Lights” as far down south as Wisconsin.

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