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Earthquake hits New Jersey 2.7

I had the best birthday gift Mother Nature could ever give! Haha, a 2.7 earthquake here in my home state of New Jersey about 8 miles north of me. It hit around 3:40am and I felt the wave of energy pass right through the building. Coolest sensation ever! It definitely scared me and I immediately thought it was an earthquake but my phone app didn’t register it fast enough. So I went back to sleep… This morning I had the pleasant confirmation it was an earthquake! I think because the earth quake was only 2.1 miles deep and 8.7 miles away from where I live is the reason I felt it so strongly. I’m not sure this old house I live in can handle a bigger quake. Yikes! Hopefully this is a one time gift! 😉



2.7 New York Earthquake

My fears are getting closer. A 2.7 hit New York State this morning. Be ready!




6.2 MEXICO Earthquake

I am keeping an eye on the west coast! After just speaking about a earthquake bound to happen, more activity has occurred. This time not in the same region, but along the bordering Cocos Plate and North American Plate in Mexico. Tensions are building! A 6.1 earthquake just struck Mexico.






New data has rolled in- the earthquake has been upgraded to a 6.2 and the depth has changed completely. Check out the new data attached below.



Greater Los Angeles Area EARTHQUAKE



A 2.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Greater Los Angeles area today, August 3, 2013 at 5.65 miles deep. This is a normal occurrence as are the Yellowstone and Mount Rainer quakes- but I’m taking notice to the train of earthquakes occurring in the American West.

Mount Rainer Earthquake- Washington State

Another earthquake near a volcano!

A 2.5 magnitude quake hit Mount Rainer in Washington State 2.17 miles deep today, August 3, 2013. Another realization the American West is earthquake prone and volcanically active right now with the numerous small earthquakes rattling the southern boundary of Long Valley Caldera in Yellowstone and a 2.5 magnitude quake in the Greater Los Angeles area today!!!

Mount Rainer has a summit level of 14,411 feet. This is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. The last magmatic eruption was about a 1,000 years ago.



“Steamboat” geyser erupts- Preceding an earthquake! Yellowstone

Yellowstone is active right now! “Steamboat” geyser erupts July 31, 2013, after 8 years!!

Steamboat is located in the Norris Geyser Basin. Water temperature nearby spiked when it erupted.

A 2.6 earthquake hit on August 2, 2013, days after with a depth of 6.5 miles deep. Is the earthquake from yesterday more of a sign the region is becoming more active?

In the past, geologists have tried to link Steamboat’s explosions to outside forces, such as earthquakes and increases in yearly precipitation. But the reasoning on how and why are still unknown and unpredictable. This earthquake came after the eruption.

Yellowstone’s last eruption was 70,000 years ago with lava… Currently there are only hydrothermal explosions.

The last major and most recent recorded earthquake was a 7.3 earthquake in 1959 killing 29 people.



Earthquake Watch- Yellowstone



This may be a small earthquake in the grand scheme of things, but now that I am on earthquake watch, this definitely stands out as any activity in that region could only warn us for something truly significant!!! Super volcano, Yellowstone Caldera may be waking up??? Luckily, that volcano is a bit more south. So maybe for now, we’re safe. I’ll keep you posted!

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