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Ufo siting- Newark, NJ 8/14/2015

My friend sent me this video taken 8/14/15. He blocked out the full sphere of the sun. If you look around the sun you will see objects (he said he saw 100’s throughout the day) flying in all directions. Quote “They stop. Turn around. Slow down. Speed up. Run in packs and follow each other.” Check out the video below. What do you think they are?

Earthquake hits New Jersey 2.7

I had the best birthday gift Mother Nature could ever give! Haha, a 2.7 earthquake here in my home state of New Jersey about 8 miles north of me. It hit around 3:40am and I felt the wave of energy pass right through the building. Coolest sensation ever! It definitely scared me and I immediately thought it was an earthquake but my phone app didn’t register it fast enough. So I went back to sleep… This morning I had the pleasant confirmation it was an earthquake! I think because the earth quake was only 2.1 miles deep and 8.7 miles away from where I live is the reason I felt it so strongly. I’m not sure this old house I live in can handle a bigger quake. Yikes! Hopefully this is a one time gift! 😉



I hope you all got to see how amazing the moon looks tonight!!! Unbelievable!

The moon is at it’s closest point to Earth! A distance of around 221,802 miles away!

At 11:35 p.m., lunar activity is expected to appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than when the moon is at its farthest point.


Tornado Warnings!


Here is the radar map of the storm heading our way! Looks exciting! Be safe! Enjoy!

UFO on Supermoon


The night of the SUPER Moon!!! ... My parents decide to step outside to check out the moon around 9pm 5/5/12 in Freehold, NJ- USA To find some bright and oddly patterned flying objects in the sky! Check this video out, completely particular! I'm sort of scared now since I found other videos online across the world, Mexico, Germany.. And who knows where else. Maybe the winter solstice (Northern Hemishere) of 2012 will mark the return of the Ancient Alien/Humani species. What do you think?

Below is the image captured.