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Stardust! Lawrence Krauss…



Solar Activity Rising


Happy 2013! (MMXIII)

Cheers to another full circle cycle around the sun! May we spin and rotate with positive energy, happiness, love and lots of light! Cheers to our solar system for holding it together! ­čÖé Let’s keep it together here on earth too, always remembering the real and deepness of life. We are a special being and we must not forget that. ­čÖé





Planetary Conjunction

Planetary Conjunction

Saint Thaddeus Monastery in Iran…Venus and Jupiters’ apparent proximity is an optical illusion-in reality, Venus is nearly 75.9 million miles distant from Earth, and Jupiter sits about seven times farther away, at 524 million miles from Earth.



This gas giant, Jupiter Rises at 8:03am and sets at 9:55pm today. Look out for it from NYC area.  Look far west, at 17.5 degrees.  Venus will be close by!

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