There’s a Beginning and an End, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER

There’s a beginning, and an end to everything. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Although, I would beg to differ, as all energy transforms, reintegrates and creates anew. Changing from one source to another.

Comet ISON changed from its icy, mineral, gaseous self to debris, dust, and the like, but who really knows of its true beginnings! I can’t say I’m disappointed for its death-rebirth-transformation. I know a lot of scientist are unhappy it did not survive, but I know they are truly pleased with the presence it made and data they were able to collect… I am happy our Sun, the center of our solar system and really the center of our world of creation, is so powerful in its mass/gravitational influence, that it pulled ISON from outer depths of the galaxy to visit us, yet destroy it from its unpredictable path in our small intimate system we live. I am happy we have such a powerful center force to protect us! How cool was it that ISON came to visit, I do hope it didn’t lead the way for others, and if so, I hope our sun is up for more destruction techniques!

Comets are so fascinating and so frightening all at the same time! What would earth be without them?! They do say it’s possible comets were the icy mineral substances that delivered water to earth to begin with!

We are all one, all from the same source of total creation! Endless space and possibilities.



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